About 「KYORAKUYA」「Kyo-machiya」&「Kotatsu」
京楽家   KYORAKUYA    - 京都・御所西 リラクゼーション町家サロン

About 「KYORAKUYA」「Kyo-machiya」&「Kotatsu」

Do you know about Kyo-machiya?
Do you know about Kotatsu?
Do you need a body treatment ?
Do you need a relaxed and quiet place?

Why don’t you come Body care saloon Kyorakuya?

Body care & Kotatsu DE tea time ♪

You could enjoy the atmosphere of the good old style
Japanese house 「Kyo-machiya」.

KYORAKUYA is not a new saloon, not shiny clean facility, but
you could feel peacefulness atmosphere.

「Kotatsu」「Hibachi」&「Body treatment」 will make you relaxed.

If you would like to know about 「Kotatsu」,
please listen to her voice (^^)

If you want to know about Kyo-machiya, maybe
this film help you.

My saloon KYORAKUYA ; that house are not things
of my own honestly.

It is not like the big splendid house which
Mr. Jeff berglund has .

However, I think that Machiya is the house of
the common people of the town,


KYORAKUYA is home of totally common people.


I wish many people come to watch a house,
and please enjoy feeling peaceful atmosphere.

Thank you❤

KYORAKUYA  Kyoko Takase (^▽^)/

「健康は第一の資本」  by エマーソン
リラクゼーション整体サロン 京楽家 -KYORAKUYA-
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